Most of us have experience seeing a familiar object where it doesn’t exist at all. This phenomenon, known as pareidolia, seems to hit us when we least expect it. Sometimes peering up into the clouds can give us the impression that faces are passing above us. The chance placement of two dots on a round object can also give the impression of a face or other animal if the conditions are right. Check out this list of 19 pictures that made us do a serious double-take.Leave a COMMENT on Facebook letting us know which of these was the most convincing.

1. Get ready because this list is full of double take moments.

2. This salty cat found on the pavement made Reddit user nine thirteen 913 do a double take.

The tail even upturns like a real cat, dang.

3. This piece of sandpaper that looks a lot like a delicious steak.

4. This baby carrot that looks exactly like a tiny cowboy boot.

5. The stain on this wood table looks like a dog taking in a sweet smell.

Yes, it’s that specific.

6. The opening of this sock looks like a mouth yelling something.

7. The reflection on this building looks exactly like chromosomes.

8. This marshmallow that looks exactly like a finger.

9. This sloth that formed on a bamboo table.

10. This potato that looks like a person and has a perfectly formed eye and eyebrow.

11. This burned out match looks exactly like a microphone on a stand.

Throw a scarf on that bad boy and it’ll work perfectly for Steven Tyler.

12. Somehow, the shadow cast by this towel looks like Donald Trump.

13. The paint cracking here makes it look exactly like a helicopter.

14. This person’s scab looks like a question mark.

15. This strawberry is giving everyone a big thumbs up.

16. This jet stream makes it look like water is falling from the sky to feed Yosemite Falls.

17. We definitely know which one is evil.

I would totally trust that friendly-looking ginger cat chilling in the sunlight. The shadowy cat necromancer standing on the right, though? Completely different story.

18. This paprika pepper that looks like a penguin.

19. The foam at the top of this coffee looks like the Andromeda galaxy.

20. Everything looks normal…until you see that mirror in the back…

21. Watch out, it’s Mr. Stretch

22. When her profile said she had legs for days, I didn’t think she was serious.

23. I leave with this bird that is sporting President Trump’s iconic hairdo.

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24. Remember when I said two heads are always better than one? Point still stands.

25. There’s nothing like waking up and wondering what the hell happened last night.

26. What dreams are made of: a floating boat.

Just kidding! It’s super clear water that makes it look as if this boat is just floating in midair. Can I please go swimming in there?

27. Don’t hate, appreciate. He totally works that tank top. You do you, boo.

28. Stay away from that tree

It’s either full of gleaming riches or its interior is on fire while its bark is pretty well unscathed. Either way, I’d give it a wide berth.

29. Hiding in plain sight.

Maybe it’s the blotchy patterns on this dalmatian’s coat or maybe it’s the fact that its lower body is so camouflaged, but I’m getting a real Dali / melting clocks vibe.

30. Who’s taking who to the vet now, human?

31. My brain hurts now.

Who’s legs are who’s?!

32. Are there any humans in this photo?

Look very, very closely. Can you spot the humans leaning against the giant rock? They definitely blend in with their surroundings, that’s for sure.

33. The pimple on this man’s tattoo makes it look like a beautiful sunset.

34. This baby has some long legs!

That’s a future athlete right there! I mean, look how strong that baby’s legs are. I’m jealous, if we’re being completely honest. This is a great picture.

35. I want to believe

Whoever designed the Space Needle was probably just looking for a way to convince the good people of Seattle that aliens were invading whenever the weather gets cloudy.

36. Just the thing to distract you in heavy traffic.

It’s all well and good to get lost in an infinite regression like this. Just make sure your gearshift’s in park first.

37. Staged or not, this one is perfect.

It’s either a landmass that looks exactly like a pot-bellied man lying down on the beach, or this guy has a levitating shadow.

38. Before Snapchat face-swapping was a thing…

39. Nothing like a little zebra print to confuse the eyes.

40. Believe it or not, this guy isn’t hanging on for dear life.

In fact, he’s just lying on the ground. Don’t worry, this isn’t some sort of 127 Hours type deal. He’s fine!

Source :- Diply